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Lowell Marijuana Store

Lowell Marijuana Store

Lowell city council took no action at their special meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 28, thus allowing recreational marijuana businesses to set up shop within city limits. The council had a Dec. 6 deadline to opt out by passing one of two ordinances that would specifically disallow such businesses. About 25 people attended the one hour and 15 minute meeting. Of those, 11 voiced their opinions; city clerk Sue Ellery also read letters, phone calls and emails from ten further residents into the public record.

In the Nov. 6 election, the majority of Lowell residents voted in favor Proposal 1, 984 to 689. Public opinion at the meeting was similarly split; out of the 11 people who spoke, seven were in favor of it and one just had a question. “I do think it is something that you should consider,” said former Lowell mayor James Hodges. “You can’t chase it away, it’s going to be around. You may as well deal with it straightforward and regulate it as best you can within our community.” “It’s what the voters want, it’s already been decided,” said former Lowell resident Gary Stevenson. “Voters want to be able to get recreational marijuana, so it doesn’t make sense for you as representatives of those voters to tell them to go somewhere else to get it.”

“If we put in facilities, you’re going to see less people going to the black market, to those people, and it’ll drive them out of business, plain and simple,” said Sidney Twp. resident David Overholt. “They just did a study where they couldn’t find one benefit of alcohol,” said former Michigan state representative and former Grand Rapids city commissioner Roy Schmidt. “I had serious health issues. I got off Vicodin and methadone. All I take is ibuprofen and some medical marijuana at night.”

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