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Lowell travel agent moves downtown

After 15 years operating as a home business, Lowell travel agency Adventures by Lori is moving to an office inside of the Big Boiler Brewing building on Main St. Their new office should be ready by Monday, Dec. 16.
“We have been growing, and we wanted to have a storefront so people would know that we were in the community,” said company owner Lori Spoelstra. “When you're in your home, you don't really get a lot of exposure! But we are super busy, so we are just taking another step to see [what happens] if we put ourselves out there.”
Spoelstra said she is hoping the move increases business enough to add more employees.
“We are looking to add another agent or two,” Spoelstra said.
So far, Spoelstra said, the company's networking has been confined to the annual Lowell Expo, where she has hosted a booth for over a decade.
“We personally craft vacation dreams for our families, couples, friends and solo travelers,” Spoelstra said. “From the spark of an idea, to the detailed planning that comes with a successful journey, all the way to the completion of the dream, we take care of every meticulous detail so our clients don't have to.”
Appointments for the agency's services are by appointment. For more information, visit, send a message to, call 616-648-6488 or look for one of the company's social media accounts.
“We don't have scheduled office hours, we're happy to talk to our clients anytime that is convenient for them to call,” Spoelstra said.

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