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Wheat cloud downtown on Thursday, June 18

King Milling accidentally released a cloud of wheat chaff last week that coated the downtown area in dust. It was quickly cleaned up and there should be no environmental impact.

“We had a spout that choked with wheat chaff,” said King Milling president Brian Doyle. “When the maintenance people poked it loose, it fell to the inspection door in the spout they were using and out of the spout it went. The maintenance people hadn’t expected it to flow so fast when it freed up. The very light chaff was picked up by the wind 110 feet up and blew out in a cloud. Our people are cleaning it up as fast as they can. We are sweeping, blowing off cars and having Sanisweep come out to vacuum up the street. No one was hurt and it is not bad for the environment.”

The chaff is the part of the wheat plant that surrounds the edible kernel.

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