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Lowell Expo 2019

150 local businesses and organizations will show off their wares.

This year's Lowell Expo, an event where over 150 local businesses and organizations will show off their wares, hand out samples and perform demonstrations of their services, is taking place on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The Lowell Expo is your chance to explore a ton of local businesses without having to drive all over town.

"The Expo is a great place where local businesses can come and talk to folks in the community about what they have to offer and what they can bring the table," said Josh Bruwer, one of the people in charge of organizing the Lowell Expo. "Sometimes folks will just come to the Expo because it's something to do on a Saturday, and they'll stumble upon a service that they're in need of. It's a great way for them to get some questions answered, and if they've got a lot of things going on there's a lot of folks they can meet up with and talk to there. It's a great way to see a lot of local vendors all in one place. It's a way to get a lot done in a short period of time all in one place."
"There are so many different avenues to explore there, not just local stores and restaurants," said Martha Davis, owner of Lowell clothing store Tap House Bo. "Anything from picking a church to finding clubs and other groups. There are so many nooks and crannies in Lowell, you just don't know what's out there until you actually attend the Expo."

“There will be right around 160 booths this year, including J&K Roadside Service, the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Lowell Area Schools, Adventures by Lori, Arrowhead Golf Course, PFCU, Snow Avenue Greenhouse and Midwest Properties,” Bruwer said. Out of work or unhappy with your job? There are even job opportunities at the Lowell Expo. "If you're out looking for a job, come out to the Expo," Baker said. "There are opportunities to talk to people who are hiring. They're looking for people to fill positions." Looking to buy or sell your house? You can take care of that at the Lowell Expo.
"Right now the housing market in Lowell is booming," Baker said. "The inventory here is extremely low, but people want to buy. They've got buyers, but there are no homes to buy. If you're thinking of putting your home up for sale, there will be a lot of realtors at the Expo that you can talk to about that."

There will be so much going on at the Lowell Expo, one little article simply can't contain it all. Among its many delights, the Lowell Expo will include live music, haircuts, a fashion show, free massages, free blood pressure checks, tons of free candy and snacks, a blood drive and various demonstrations and samples. "There will be entertainment throughout the day on the stage," Bruwer said. "Each hour of entertainment is sponsored by one of the businesses."
The afternoon game show, complete with props, hosts, announcers and prizes, is the part of the Expo that many look forward to the most. “The game show will be back,” Bruwer said. “It is one of the most popular activities with the Expo. In years past, we have tried to come up with a unique theme for it but we decided it will be a part of the Expo regardless of the theme so from now it, it will be called the Showboat Showdown.”
"We'll have a farmer's market there, great entertainment on the stage by the school kids and groups, and concessions will be available and we're giving away over $1,000 in gifts," Baker said. "You can sign up for the prize drawing at the booths." If you missed out on the Expo last year, you definitely won't want to miss it this year.

"It's always an exciting time of year and we're looking forward to another great year," Bruwer said. "I think this is going to be the biggest and best Expo to date." "Everyone's welcome and it's free to anyone who wants to come," said Larry Milkulski, one of the original creators of the Expo. "If you just moved here or you've lived in the area for years, it doesn't matter. It's well worth your time to go through it. You'll learn something new."
“Last year we had right around 160 vendors and between 5,000 and 6,000 people going through the Expo,” Bruwer said. “It's fun to see the different vendors and the entertainment acts. They get to see what's new and upcoming, a lot of vendors have special offers and giveaways. It's a great way for residents and non-residents alike to be able to know what's going on in our community. It really captures what our community is all about while highlighting businesses, organizations and folks that help move our community forward.”

The Lowell Expo will take place at Lowell High School, 11700 Vergennes SE, on Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 9 am until 3 pm.

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