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Last week a threatening social media post against Lowell Middle School

Last week a threatening social media post against Lowell Middle School was reviewed and dismissed by Lowell Area Schools and local law enforcement. The student behind the threat, unnamed because they are a minor, is in some serious trouble right now.

Superintendent Greg Pratt sent a letter to district parents on Tuesday, May 14 explaining the situation.

“It was brought to our attention that a social media post had circulated indicating potential violence against Lowell Middle School,” the May 14 letter read. “Lowell Police Department and the Kent County Sheriff Department investigated the post and determined that there is no credible threat to anyone in the district.”

On Wednesday, May 15, Pratt sent a second letter to parents with more details.

“Lowell Police Department and the Kent County Sheriff's Department identified the perpetrator of the threat made last evening,” the May 15 letter read. “The threat was made through a fictitious social media account. Although this person had no intent or means to carry out the threat, action will be taken both criminally and by the district. Threats of this nature are considered incredibly serious by law enforcement, the courts and Lowell Area Schools.”

A May 15 press release from Lowell police chief Steve Bukala contained even more details.

“The Lowell Police Department received a threat of violence on May 14, 2019 through a fictitious Instagram account created in a name very similar to a current student,” Bukala said in the press release. “The parents of that student brought the account information to the attention of the Lowell police late yesterday afternoon. Search warrants were authorized for information on Facebook/Instagram and an Internet service provider. Once that information was obtained earlier this afternoon, the Lowell police and the Kent County school resource officer went to the suspect home where a confession was obtained. We are not releasing the name as the suspect is a juvenile and the case will be reviewed by the Kent County prosecutor's office for an appropriate disposition.”

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