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April police statistics

Lowell Police Department made 16 arrests during the month of April, up from 13 arrests in March 2019. The arrests included two for drunk driving, one other alcohol-related arrest, two drug law violations, two for driving with a suspended license, four for outstanding warrants and five that are described in the police department's statistics as "other arrests." That adds up to a total of 64 arrests made by Lowell Police during the first four months of the year.

LPD also responded to plenty of misdemeanors during April. There were two larceny calls, two dog/animal complaints, two malicious destructions, one breaking and entering, three disorderly conduct calls and four assaults. Lowell police issued 37 citations and notified two residents about ordinance violations. Out of 126 traffic stops in April, they let 107 drivers go with a warning.

Lowell police were called to assist other law enforcement agencies six times and called other agencies for assistance 10 times in April. They were also called for assistance by citizens and motorists 33 times.

Lowell police were dispatched to three accidents during April, one with injuries.

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