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Lowell wishes the class of 2019 good luck

by Brendan A. Sanders

contributing reporter

Blue skies, sunshine, and wind were on the menu as the class of 2019 took one last walk together down to Bob Perry field.

Lowell High School's 141st commencement lasted over an hour as many notable figures in the district and the class of 2019 offered their final remarks to the outgoing class of 260 students.

First-year principal Stephen Gough offered the opening statement after the national anthem. He touched upon the accomplishments achieved from the class, the load that the students had to work through, and the school's slogan: "Learners today, leaders tomorrow, Red Arrows for life."

"Life is about learning, never-ending learning, self-reflection and growth," Gough said. "Leadership takes courage. To be a Red Arrow, that means you have to commit to being both." Gough stated in his opening remarks. "I hope that we have served you well and I hope that as you go forward in life you will work as hard as you can, to do what you think is right, own your mistakes, and take care of others."

After announcing the 49 students graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors, Gough asked all the students enlisting in the military to stand up, earning a large round of applause. After a performance by the Lowell band, Gough relinquished the podium to four students: Danielle Barnes, Kohl Goldsmith, Lucas Sherman, and Zachary Post.

Danielle Barnes commented on the dynamics of learning from one another: "Each and every one of us has learned something from each other. Parents learned the importance of raising young adults. Kids learned that at times, parents can be superheroes. Faculty will learn to inspire seniors even on days that senioritis is trying to take hold. In turn, students absorb their knowledge and their stories. It is the strength of others that help us succeed."

Kohl Goldsmith described life to his peers: "Graduation isn't a finale or a start, it is a transitional period in our lives. Life doesn't bother to lay out little starts and stops while it carefully organizes our college years, it just throws things at us and expects us to juggle somewhere in the middle."

Lucas Sherman described life as a story, with each year of living as a chapter: "I want to thank you all for being supporting characters in these chapters for me. It's been wonderful getting to know you. From here, we go our own ways, and become our own heroes."

Zachary Post brought a prop to the stage, a water bottle. He described the energy put into holding that water bottle for an extended period: "To be able to continue this act of holding the bottle, it takes a dose of persistence. Persistence is what helped me be successful in high school, and it is, what I believe, to be the key factor in being successful in life."

After a speech by superintendent Gregory Pratt, the Lowell Board of Education preceded to hand out the high school diplomas. Each name was read off by class president Kelly Kroll. Kroll then held the traditional Passing of the Spade, presenting a spade to incoming class president Mary Jo Buechler.

"This was an outstanding group with many good leaders." Gough said when asked about his final thoughts on the class of 2019. "My only regret is I only got to spend one year with them."

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