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Students wave goodbye to LHS from the comfort of their cars

by Brendan A. Sanders, contributing reporter

The oddest school year in recent memory continued for Lowell as the high school hosted its first-ever drive-by graduation celebration.

This has been a year of firsts for Lowell High School's class of 2020, and last Thursday, June 11, was no different. Students and families were encouraged to join in a parade through the Lowell High School property, waving goodbye to their favorite teachers as they rolled through the winding road around LHS and past the football stadium.

Many vehicles were decorated with streamers, balloons and other signs celebrating the extraordinary class of 2020. At one point, a boat carrying five students rolled through the parade, blaring “School's Out” by Alice Cooper and other summer vacation-themed songs. Many other vehicles sported a student sitting in the bed of a truck or standing through the sunroof.

Around 300 signs created by the school congratulated each graduating student. They lined the roadway for all the students to see. Students were then allowed to pick up the sign once the festivities ended. 

Teachers also lined the roadways, some bearing signs, all saying goodbye to the students whose lives they helped shape over the past four years. 

Celebratory music was played through speakers in the freshman center, provided by "The Showboat" WRWW-FM 92.3, for all the passersby to hear as they traveled down the lane. At the end of the parade, students were given the choice to pick up their diploma.

After the school-sanctioned drive-by, students were encouraged to meet at the fairgrounds to participate in a parent-led caravan parade through the streets of Lowell. It was led by Walnut Grove Excavating. Unfortunately, minutes after the last cars drove through the school grounds and the caravan began through the town, the skies opened up in a downpour. This didn't stop many residents from showing their support for the class.

For the class of 2020, this event was another step towards closure for a senior year cut short by circumstances that seemed unimaginable just four months ago. With events still being put on to show the community's support for these youth, there can still be a sense of pride for these students. The official graduation ceremony is still scheduled for Thursday, July 23, one last formality for these students to celebrate.

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