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Pub Poker Run event to take over downtown Lowell
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019 18:00 pm
Lowell Ledger / Buyer's Guide & News

Lowell Ledger / Buyer's Guide & News

The Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce's annual "Pub Poker Run," a traveling poker game event, will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Participants will race between seven local restaurants to collect playing cards at each stop in order to assemble the best poker hand.

It's $10 per hand to participate. Simply head to the Chamber office on the Riverwalk at some point between 5 and 6 pm on Jan. 22 to register, and off you go.

This year, the stops are New Union Brewery, Century Post Pub, Sneaker's Big Boiler Brewing, Flat River Grill, Main Street BBQ and Larkin's Restaurant.

Participants are welcome to make the rounds at their own pace, but you must present your final cards at Larkin's by 8 pm.

There will be cash prizes for the top three winning hands. Prizes can be in the hundreds of dollars.

The event was the brainchild of local residents Cutter Phillips and Betsy Davidson.

"Tuesday nights are typically slower for restaurant traffic,” Phillips said. “We're doing this to bring people out, let them have some fun and have a good time."

"The event is focused on eating, enjoying a beverage and socializing," said Chamber director Liz Baker.

For more information visit the Chamber of Commerce website, lowellchamber.org, or call 616-897-9161.